Cork Tales by Lance Greenwald

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For wine lovers who have everything, a new little book is now on the market that will help them be viewed as the best-informed person at every party. Destin resident and wine connoisseur Lance Greenwald wrote and published "Cork Tales" for wine lovers. "Cork Tales," is a quick read on interesting, but little-known facts about wine that cause a novice to say, "oh, how interesting." The easy-to-remember tales can then be retold at the next gathering and provoke interesting conversation. "I used to tell little wine stories as punch lines," he explained of how the book came about. "And I would say, "somebody better write this down.' Nobody did, so, I thought I would." Greenwald's collections, travels and study lent him the little stories of wine trivia he compiled into "Cork Tales." Greenwald calls the book a storyteller's view of wine, a blend of history and fable - from tales of napoleon and Madame Clicquot to Nelson's Blood and the Pope's wine. Cork Tales is filled with easy to remember tales that make for great table conversation or better yet ... make you the hit of the next party or wine tasting event!